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  • Fabricators of Infinitudes

    Fabricators of Infinitudes

    What is the difference between a sea urchin, a wide-mouthed jar and a kind of cake? Fabricators of Infinitudes poses this puzzling question through an embodied garden who leads us through a grandiose vision with seemingly endless boundaries. A land-scape-dream-scape unfolds with unlikely sculptures, hidden caverns a sleepy pigeon and an intergalactic interloper.

  • just a wordless sense

    just a wordless sense

    ‘just a wordless sense’ is writing I made for HIT magazine, Geneva. The work is a developement of the moving image work Geomyth, and is also a performance I did called ‘its happening right now, right as I talk to you’.

  • Know Your Place

    Know Your Place

    Below is a short extract from the story Know Your Place. It is a hybrid text including audio and video elements.Know Your Place follows Rebecca, a young, disillusioned architect recently fired from a housing development firm. After inheriting a dilapidated cottage from her grandmother, in the Shropshire Hills, she escapes the consequences of losing her…

  • Worm’s Eye View

    Worm’s Eye View

    Below is a short extract from Worm’s Eye View. Originally riso-printed as a short run publication to coincide with the Scottish Premier of Geomyth (2020), a moving image work, at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh. In complete darkness, you carefully press small, precious stones into an earthen wall. Beside smooth glass beads and bits of broken tile…