Home at Last

Music Video Commission,
The Grubby Mitts, 2014.
Hupp, Digital Video looped, 2012.
Tentare Tentaculum

9', Digital Video, 2017

Watery, abstract beginnings guide us to the dark and squelchy dwelling place of a man who is caught inside an octopus’ tentacle. Deciding to make an escape, a strange odyssey ensues through dream-like surroundings and encounters, leading to the emergence of something ominous.
Open Eyes Tour
Architecture Fringe, 2017

An hour's tour surveying architectural symbolism in the city centre with a paper mache gloved hand pointer.
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One Blue Pigeon

with Stephanie Mann,
5595 Gallery, Portobello, Edinburgh, 2018

Fabricators of Infinitudes, Audio, 10'.
Untitled watercolour on paper, 45cmx 27cm, magnets.
In the hand: for looking at Buildings, paper, glue, various dimensions.
with a performance, 10'
Cactus Ed Takes Flight (A Reincarnation of consciousness)

giclee digital prints, 60x50cm
Nomas* Projects, Dundee, 2018
with writing by Aaron B. Casey

This here highfalutin specimen of desert literature, known here forth as Cactus Ed Takes Flight (a Re-incarnation in Consciousness), was inspired by the legendary desert rat, desert anarchist and desert sage, Edward Abbey (Cactus Ed), whose writings, musings and ramblings constitute some of the finest desert literature of the post-bellum era.

Cactus Ed Takes Flight (a Re-incarnation in Consciousness) is adapted from the as yet unpublished novel This Land Will Eat a Man Alive by Aaron B. Casey. I like the idea of the turkey vulture being able to soar into outer space, perhaps as an omniscient observer, able to see the forest for the trees. Our species’ myopic destruction of the planet as well as our anthropocentric world view must be checked. We need to look at the Bigger Picture and perhaps lift our gaze beyond cityscape, feed lot, steel tower and screen. To reconsider our current endeavor towards self-destruction and ecological omnicide. We need to learn, in the words of Aldo Leopold, to think like a mountain.
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