U-B-S-T stands for untutored builders of space and time. It is a framework for self-taught study and creation in the land around you.

The basics: work with the knowledge you already have to address questions that lie at the periphery. These peripheral questions arise from the ubst themselves. Most ubst address the land, as this is where they come from, though any avenue of investigation is supported.

Real and imaginary solutions are used to fabricate encounters, scenarios and objects (meeting/ setting/ thing: thynges) to present these questions to an audience, to present them to you. 

The ubst prioritises idiosyncrasy, prefers working with materials that are available at hand and admires imaginative accomplishments generated by restrictive or ordinary circumstances. 

These hand finished brass pins are the emblem of the ubst. The ubst framework is open and can be adopted by anyone, you can purchase the badge to support and/or represent the work.

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