Faith Limbrick

Just a wordless sense is a riso print text about the aliveness (or undead-ness) of stone. 
An adaptation of the work and words of my 2020 film Geomyth.

Printed at Yalla Riso, Dundee.

This work is a limited edition of 25. A3 recycled paper, black and white print folded into 4 with text on one side and an ink drawing on the reverse. 
£4.00 (+ £1.00 postage)

A short introduction to the untutored builders of space and time zine (first edition DIY publication from the UBST). Folded A4 zine, ink jet print, 2022. 

You can get the zine for £1.00 (+ £1.00 postage) or get it alongside the UBST brass pin badge for £8.00 (+ £1.00 postage)

UBST zine

Worm's Eye View is a riso printed original text written from the perspective of a worm, travelling deep through the earthy strata, a lyrical twisting experiment of perception, presented with my 2020 film Geomyth at Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh, 2021.

Printed at Yalla Riso, Dundee.

£6.00 (+ 1.00 postage)

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